In 2014 we were asked by Solidarity Now to create a short documentary about the life of Hazara people in Greece.
We had the chance to spend a few days with Ali and a group of young Afghans / Hazaras living by the port of Patras, Greece.
“Dead End” is their story.

Filmed & Directed: Apostolos Nikolaidis
Produced: Marianna Kakaounaki
Edited: Georgia Bempelou
Camera Work: Yiannis Karounis
Music Composition: Ted Reglis
Associate Producer – Translation: Asef Farjam
Production Assistants: Mika Tourkaki – Mohammad Ayioubi
Archive Footage: George Moutafis
Hellenic Coast Guard
Yiannis Kolesidis & Juan Carlos Tomasi
for Medecins Sans Frontieres
Laura Boldrini & Stella Nanou
for UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency

A Solidarity Now Production.