Apostolos Nikolaidis

Apostolos Nikolaidis is a visual storyteller based in Athens – Greece. 

Over the last 15 years he has participated in the production

of over 300 broadcasted documentaries,

TV commercials, music videos, corporate works, live events,

video installations, photography exhibitions and more.

He has collaborated with major Greek TV channels like

MEGA TV, SKAI, ERT (National Television), ANT1 Television and

international productions including Al Jazeera English,

CCTV, Solidarity Now and numerous others.

      His latest work include the direction of a 12 feature documentary series

     under the title “Chasing the Dream”

     which were aired at Cosmote History channel in 2018.

 His work has taken him to most countries in Europe, the United States,

Argentina, Turkey, Russia and all around his home country of Greece.

 Since 2004 Apostolos holds a Bachelor of Arts & a Diploma in photography.

Since 2009, he organizes and gives filmmaking workshops in Athens and other major cities of Greece.

In his free time, he loves escaping Athens and spending time with his family.

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Apostolos Nikolaidis Filmmaking Studio

The Studio is based at the heart of Athens at Filopappos Hill.

We like to think our filmmaking studio as a creative artisanship,

with all the necessary equipment ready to complete, 100% in-house,

all the stages of the production process.

We provide a client friendly editing suite, a flexible photographic studio, 

a projection space and a vocal booth for our voice over recordings.

What makes us happy is to produce and deliver

from scratch, high quality, inspired and powerful images.